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Effectiveness of Solution-Focused Brief Couple Therapy on Happiness and Marital Conflict in Veterans' Spouses
H. Khoshakhlagh *1, A. Narimani2
1- Department of Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Naein Branch, Islamic Azad University, Naein, Iran , khoshakhlagh_h@yahoo.com
2- Department of Psychology, Educational Sciences and Psychology Faculty, Isfahan Branch (Khorasgan), Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran
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Aims: Studying the psychological injuries of veterans' spouses and helping them to cure their problems have an important role in health and improving their family, social, and occupational life. The aim of this study was to determine effectiveness of solution-focused brief couple therapy on happiness and marital conflicts in veterans' spouses.
Materials and Methods: In this semi-experimental study, with pre-test post-test and follow-up design with control group, 34 veterans' spouses in Isfahan were selected by convenience sampling method and divided in experimental and control groups (17 people in each group). For data collection, Demographic Information Questionnaire, Marital Conflict Questionnaire (MCQ), and Oxford Happiness Questionnaire (OHQ) were used. The training plan was submitted to the experimental group in 6 sessions (90 minutes in per session). The data were analyzed, using SPSS 22 software; analysis of variance was done with repeated measures and LSD test.
Findings: By controlling the effects of pre-test, solution-focused brief couple therapy significantly increased happiness (F=65.52; p<0.01) and decreased marital conflicts (F=9.71; p<0.01) in the experimental group. Also, time had no effect on the effectiveness of the treatment from the post-test to follow-up and no reduction was observed in the follow-up compared to the post-test.
Conclusion: Solution-focused brief couple therapy increases happiness and decreases marital conflict of veterans' spouses.
Keywords: Solution-Focused Brief Couple Therapy, Happiness, Marital Conflict, Spouses, Veterans
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Article Type: Descriptive & Survey | Subject: Psychology of Veterans or Handicapped
Received: 2018/03/19 | Accepted: 2018/09/5 | Published: 2019/03/12
* Corresponding Author Address: Faculty of Psychology, Islamic Azad University, Naein Branch, Moadarres Square, Naein, Iran. Postal Code:83919-65931
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Khoshakhlagh H, Narimani A. Effectiveness of Solution-Focused Brief Couple Therapy on Happiness and Marital Conflict in Veterans' Spouses. Iran J War Public Health. 2019; 11 (1) :7-13
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