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Iranian Journal of War & Public Health (IJWPH) have started to publish scholarly articles from 2008 and in these years, have tried to do its best in publishing good-quality articles with respect to research and publication ethics rules. IJWPH is supported by "Janbazan (Veterans) Medical and Engineering Research Center" (JMERC), as the first research center in the field of late onset complications and side effects of war on health in Iran, which have started studying in this field since 1989. Producing knowledge about the health consequences of war is one of the main missions of JMERC.
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Effect of 12 Weeks Incremental Resistance Training on Serum Levels of Myostatin, Follistatin, and IGF-I in Sedentary Elderly Men

H. Barzegari Marvast , A. Akbarnejad, J. Norouzi
Aims: Numerous studies have established that resistance training is highly effective in preventing and addressing age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia) by enhancing the physiological function of skeletal muscle tissue. Thus, the objective of this study was to assess the impact of 12 weeks of incremental resistance training on the serum levels of myostatin, follistatin, and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-I) in sedentary elderly men.
Materials & Methods: Thirty sedentary elderly men voluntarily participated in this semi-experimental study and were randomly assigned to either a control group (15 men) with an average age of 62.1±3.7 years and weight of 85.1±7.7 kg, or a resistance training group (15 men) with an average age of 61.3±1.6 years and weight of 82.3±7.8 kg. The resistance training group undertook a 12-week training protocol, while the control group did not engage in any training program during this time. Blood samples and body composition measurements (using dual X-ray absorptiometry) were taken before the study commenced and 48 hours after the last training session concluded. Serum levels of myostatin, follistatin, and IGF-I were determined using the ELISA method. An independent t-test was employed to establish statistical significance between the groups, utilizing SPSS 21 software.
Findings: After 12 weeks of resistance training, there was a significant decrease in serum myostatin levels and significant increases in serum follistatin and IGF-I levels in comparison to the control group (p≤0.05).
Conclusion: Incremental resistance training proves to be an effective intervention for preventing sarcopenia in elderly individuals by decreasing serum levels of myostatin and increasing serum levels of follistatin and IGF-I.
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Spiritual Practice and Covid-19 Hospitalization in War Survivors Suffer from Mental Disorders

Akram Jahangir, Mahdavitaree Raheleh, Batool Mousavi, Marziye Asgari, Roghayeh Esmaeili
Aim: Effects of spiritual practice alongside medical care on health outcome in war combats suffered from mental disorders hospitalized due to COVID-19.
Materials and Methods: In a single-blinded clinical trial study, hospitalized war survivors with COVID-19(n=70) were randomly assigned in two groups. Spiritual practice intervention was the recitation of “Surah Al-Hamd” and “Ya-Allah” for 7 days(total of 21times). Information gathered on demographic characteristics, Short Form Survey (SF-12), Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS), Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), length of hospitalization, ICU transfer, intubation, and death. Data were analyzed using SPSS and effect size.
Finding: A total of 64 war combats completed the study (intervention(n=29), comparison(n=35)). In the group with spiritual practice, mean differences of social functioning (+11.5versus+4.3) (effect size=0.3), vitality (+1.5versus-5) (effect size=0.3) and mental component summary(+5.7versus+0.6) (effect size=0.1) were more significantly improved (p<0.05). At the end of the study the life satisfaction score was significantly higher in the intervention group (P=0.007). Moreover, the mean difference of SWLS was better in the intervention group (+0.78versus-0.14) (p=0.007) (effect size=0.4). The mean difference of anxiety in the intervention group was +2.7 (±1.3) and in the control was -0.5 (±1.8) (P <0.001) (effect size=0.7). There was no significant difference between the two groups on the duration of hospitalization, ICU admission, intubation and death (p>0.05).
Conclusion: The results of this study showed that spiritual practice along with routine medical management accompanied with better quality of life, more life satisfaction and less anxiety in war combat suffered from psychological disorders hospitalized due to COVID-19.

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Human Rights-Based Interpretation of the Right to Health for Indonesian War Veterans

Maryanto Maryanto, Nur Azis Rohmansyah
Aims: The purpose of this study is to look into the scientific literature's shifting position on the right to health and human rights-based approaches to health among Indonesian war veterans.
Materials & Method: According to this study, Indonesian veterans uphold a number of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights principles in their constitution and even use them in the medical field. Through the use of qualitative methods and a constructivist theoretical approach, literature studies are conducted by gathering data from books, reports, news articles, and journal articles.
Results: According to our analysis, there are notable variations in how human rights frameworks and procedures are implemented for veterans of war in the medical field.
Findings: There are compelling reasons to approach health from a human rights standpoint, but as an examination of various human rights guidelines demonstrates, doing so risks undermining the right to health. Undermining the right to health can jeopardize both the right to health and rights-based approaches to health because the right to health has significant and distinct characteristics that other rights do not.
Conclusion: The author recommends using a sustainable constructive approach to adopt the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and advocate for the explicit inclusion of the right to health in a rights-based framework that is interpreted according to both public law and human rights law.
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Title: The Validity and Reliability of the Persian Version of Literacy of Suicide Scale (LOSS) in the Iranian Military Youth

Mehdi Zohrehvand, fatemeh Rahmati, mohsen saffari, Behnaz Dowran
Aims. Among various tools, the Literacy of Suicide Scale (LOSS) has not yet been validated for Persian speaking people. Therefore, the aim of this study was to translate, evaluate and validate Batterham PJ., Calear AL et al.’s 2012 Literacy of Suicide Scale (LOSS) in the young military community.
Materials & Methods: This was a cross-sectional study with a methodological approach. The sample was recruited from young military personnel who referred to counseling and psychology clinics that were chosen through convenience sampling. At first, the original version was obtained and translated into Persian by the Forward-Backward method. Then, in order to evaluate the content validity ten experts have examined the scale and content validity ratio (CVR) as well as the content validity index (CVI) of the questionnaire. Face validity was also assessed through a sample of 20 subjects from the study population. The test-retest with a two week interval along with Cronbach's alpha were utilized to examine the reliability. Finally, the questionnaire was distributed among 415 subjects to evaluate the construct and convergent validity.
Findings: The Cronbach's alpha for the subscales were estimated to be between 0.71 and 0.76, and for the total scale was 0.75. Also, all components of LOSS had a significant relationship with the total score of this questionnaire (r>0.2).
 Conclusion: The Persian version of LOSS has acceptable validity and reliability for use among young military personnel. However, further studies among populations with different cultures or demographics are needed.

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The relationship of ABO and Lewis blood groups in patients with urinary tract infection

Qais K. Baqir, Gaida K. Baqer, Firas K. Baqer, Basil A. Abbas
Aims.  Urinary tract infection considers as one the most common adult bacterial infection worldwide. Antigens of ABO and Lewis blood groups may influence bacterial adherence and lead to an increase in the frequency of UTI in adults. The aim of this study to evaluate the relationship of ABO, and Lewis blood groups with UTI. As well as to determine the main microbial cause of UTI and its association and distribution with blood group antigens.
Method. Blood sample of 80 UTI patients and 50 healthy persons used for determination of ABO and Lewis blood groups by agglutination assay. Urine samples of UTI patients were cultured and identified based on culture characteristics, gram staining and biochemical tests.               
Results. Urinary tract infection was significantly highest in patients with O blood group (42.5%) Lewis (a-b-) phenotype (38.8%) as compared with other blood groups and with control group. Escherichia coli was found to be the commonest bacterial isolates observed in UTI patients. Also E. coli was significantly highest among UTI patients with O blood group and Lewis (a-b-) phenotype. 
Conclusion. The study concludes that ABO and Lewis blood types as well as secretor status have a significant association with susceptibility to infection with urinary tract infection. O blood group as well as Lewis (a-b-) phenotype have a higher susceptibility to urinary tract infection.  Escherichia coli was the main causative agent of UTI and it was statistically significantly highest in patients with O blood group and Lewis (a-b-) phenotype.
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Pulmonary Adaptation Response of Chemical Veterans Following 24 Sessions of Selected Aerobic Exercises

maryam Azarkamand, Hossein Soltani
Aims: Lung problems can be considered as the most common complication in chemical veterans, therefore strengthening the respiratory system should be emphasized. The purpose of this research was studying the effect of 24 sessions of selected aerobic exercise program on the volumes and lung capacities of chemical veterans.
Materials and methods: This quasi-experimental study was conducted in 2023 with a pre-test and post-test design. The statistical sample includes 17 chemical warfare veterans with a veteran percentage of 25-35% that were selected by purposive and convenience sampling method and were randomly assigned to two experimental (10 people) and control (7 people) groups. Chemical veterans participated in an interval aerobic exercise program with an intensity of 45-60% of heart rate reserve for eight weeks and three sessions per week. Pulmonary function of the chemical veterans were measured by the Lung Test 1000 spirometry device. Repeated measures statistics was used for comparison of the pre-test and post-test means.
Findings: Aerobic exercises significantly increase vital capacity (P=0.007), peak inspiratory flow (P=0.000), peak expiratory flow (P=0.016), forced expiratory volume in 1 second (P=0.017), maximum voluntary ventilation (P=0.000), peak expiratory flow 75% (P=0.000), peak expiratory flow 50% (P=0.001), peak expiratory flow 25% (P=0.007). Also, aerobic exercise had no significant effect on the ratio of forced vital capacity to forced expiratory volume in 1 second (P=0.960) and forced expiratory flow from 25 to 75% (P=0.690).
Conclusion: Aerobic exercises in chemical veterans improved lung volumes and capacities.
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Immunological Role for IL 17A and some biochemical factor in patient with SLE in Relation to Renal failure

Sarah Hashim Kazem, Murtada Hafedh Hussein
The current investigation aims to study certain parameters including, IL-17A, creatinine ,lymphocyte, and basophile in patients who suffer from SLE  renal failure for comparing them with healthy control groups. The study was done on 105 patients (35 males, 70 females) who are confirmed to have SLE in Thi-Qar Province, southern of Iraq. The researchers withdraw 5ml of venous blood from 50 healthy control group to conduct three tests; immune tests to find out the amount of IL-17A (ELISA), biochemical tests to find out the amount of creatinine (colorimetric method), and CBC tests to find out the number of lymphocytes and basophils. The findings revealed that the total SLE illness rate was 83%, with females having a higher infection rate (66.67%) than males (33.33%). Significant variations were identified between sexes. Moreover, it is shown that there is a considerable increase in the level of IL17A and the amount of creatinine which was higher than those of healthy control. Finally, it is demonstrated that females suffer from this disease in age of 13-45 more than males. Compared to healthy group, the level of IL -17A and the creatinine were increased in some patients whereas the lymphocyte and basophile were decreased in some others. Thus, it is concluded that the level of IL17A, creatinine, lymphocyte, and basophie play a fundamental role in the SLE Pathogeneses.
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Effect of nebulized lidocaine and Intravenous lidocaine on hemodynamic responses of laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation

Zainab m.Jaafar m.saeed, Hameed Jaafar, Sarah Hassan abdulshaheed Alburkiebh
Aims:   To find the most effective way of lidocaine administration in attenuation of hemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation.
Patients and method : A 78 patients categorized into 3 groups, control (C) group of 26 patients received 5 ml of IV normal saline with the induction drugs, intravenous lidocaine (IVL) group of 26 cases received 1.5 mg/kg 2% IV lidocaine 2 minutes prior to laryngoscopy and intubation while nebulized lidocaine (NL) group 0f 26 cases received a 4 ml of 2% lidocaine nebulized by cirrus nebulizer with 5 L/min oxygen flow which usually takes from 10 to 15 minutes then induction immediately started.
Results : Among the 3 groups, demographic data shows no significant difference.
     Comparing the C and NL group there is significant difference between them in advantage of lidocaine nebulizer for hemodynamic response attenuation, in C and IVL group comparison there is significant difference in some readings which reflects incomplete blunting effect. So lidocaine nebulizer shows a better results of cardiovascular stability.
Conclusion: Nebulized lidocaine found to be significantly effective in attenuation of hemodynamic changes that accompany direct laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation.
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Maysam Awadh
Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease caused by the Leishmania parasite, transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected sand-fly. The disease manifests in four primary clinical manifestations: visceral, cutaneous, diffuse cutaneous, and post-kalaazar dermal. The disease's clinical manifestations depend on the Leishmania species and their immune response. Current antileishmanial drugs include amphotericin B, antimonials, sitamaquine, pentamidine, paromomycin, and miltefosine. However, these drugs have drawbacks, such as resistance to pentavalent antimonials and nephrotoxicity. The World Health Organization suggests using plants as a healing agent with good efficacy and affordability. Conyza Canadensis, a biennial plant, has been used for wound healing and has shown efficacy against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
Objective: The study aimed to investigate the anti-leishmanial activity of extracts from Conyza Canadensis, an Iraqi strain of Leishmania tropica.
Material and method : The phytochemical compounds were found in the extraction process, with total alkaloid content, phenolic compounds, flavonoid content, amino acid analysis, and total glycosides. The extract was prepared into stock solutions and sub-cultured in RPMI-1640. The cells were then incubated in tissue culture flasks and treated with different concentrations of SSG and aqueous/alcoholic extracts. The anti-leishmanial activity of the extracts was then evaluated using the sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technique. The results showed that the extracts had anti-leishmanial activity.
Result: the study shows that Iraqi C. canadensis plant extract contains alkaloids, gallic acid, apigenin, chlorogenic acid, caffeineic acid, quercetin, p-cumaric acid, and GSH, which reduce neopterin levels and activate immune response against L. tropica.
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Low-Level Laser Therapy in Management of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis, Yes or No? A Comprehensive Review of the Last 10 Years Articles

Elham Jafari, Kiana Bagheriyeh Yazdi, Amirreza Hendi, Mahsa Koochaki
Aims: The aim of this paper is to provide a comprehensive review of using Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) as a therapeutic method for recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS), including analizing its underlying mechanisms, clinical applications, and potential benefits.
Methods: Database search was conducted to identify relevant papers investigating the use of LLLT for RAS treatment. Articles published in scientific journals were selected for the reveiw in Science Direct, Google Scholar, and PubMed were categorized and analyzed.
Findings: During the initial search, a total of 88 articles were found. Five phases were performed to select articles and eventually 8 papers which met the inclusion criteria, were chosen.
Conclusion: This literature review supported the idea that LLLT is a non-invasive and potentially effective therapy for RAS symptoms by accelerating the healing process and have beneficial effects in reducing pain and inflammation.

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Combined Inhalers B-Agonist "Salbutamol" And Steroid Versus Isolated Its Uses In Adults’ Asthmatic Patients.

Ahmed Sherhan
Aims: Inhaled long acting B2-agonist combined with inhaled steroid being longed used in chronic persistent bronchial asthma as a therapy to reduce the needs for admission to hospital and to improve quality of life instead of isolated single uses.
Patients and Method: Two hundred Seven patients with chronic persistent bronchial asthma on variety of inhalers, enrolled randomly in this study, One hundred Twenty (58.0%) were female and Eighty Seven (42.0%) were male, their ages range from sixteen to seventy five with mean ages (45.59±14.67) year's. type of inhalers used, dose, control with a question about admission to hospital, adherence to inhalers ,confidents  and recording the parameter of pulmonary function test FEV1, FVC and PEFR while patients on own inhalers type used. 
 In this study there are statistically significant different between, single and combined inhalers in chronic persistent asthma (p value0.005)in FEV1LFVC but not between the types of combined inhalers (p.value 0.12 ), age in both types of comparisons indicate no statistically significant effects( p value  0.85,0.47) respectively .   
Conclusions: combined inhalers therapy for patients with persistent asthma superior for either alone, preferred and confident by patients; ages of patients neither significantly alter the response nor the patients desire.  
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Comparison of plantar pressure distribution and vertical ground reaction force between veterans with leg length discrepancy and healthy subjects during walking

, ,

Introduction: The purpose of this study was to comparison of plantar pressure distribution and vertical ground reaction force between veterans with leg length discrepancy and healthy subjects.

 Methods: This study was qusi- experimental in which 21 veterans with leg length discrepancy (1.5 to 3 centimeter) and 10 healthy subjects participated. Plantar pressure distribution of subjects was measured in five steps with emed platform. The data were analyzed with Paired- t test, One Way ANOVA and Symmetry Index (P≤ 0.05).

Results: While the symmetry Index (SI%) wasn’t shown much asymmetry in healthy subjects, there is lower contact time in the heel region of short limb, lower pressure and force of middle region of short limb, higher pressure of forefoot region of short limb and higher pressure and force of long foot.

Disscusion: Due to the results of this study, it seems that the primary contact time and weight acceptance of short foot is reduced that this procedure result in higher pressure of forefoot region of foot before push-off phase. Therefore, this is suggested that to dispel this problem, they should use of some orthoses that can make reasonably height to the heel region and therefore increase the contact time.  

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Quality of Life in blind veterans and matched sighted individuals

V. Nejati, E. Shiri

Background and Purpose: Promotion of quality of life is final goal of therapeutic care in physical and mental handicaps. The purpose of present study is comparing quality of life in blind veterans and matched normal healthy individuals 

Method: In present cross sectional study, 88 veterans with complete blindness are compared with 88 normal healthy age, gender and education matched individuals. SF36 was used for data gathering. Descriptive analysis and T- Test are used for analysis.

Result: Findings of present study show that blind veterans have higher grade in physical activity, vitality and mental health and mental health components and lower grades in general health, social role, emotional role, physical pain and physical component.

Conclusion: Enhancement of general health, social role, emotional role, physical pain and physical component should be considered for elevation of quality of life in blind veterans.

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Identify dimensions of perceived social support from the perspective of Iranian people during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative study in post COVID-19 period

Khadije Ezzati Rastegar, Sahah Khoshravesh, Gholamali Behzad, Salman Khazaei, Ali Reza Soltanian
Aims: The aim of the study was to identify the dimensions of perceived social support from the perspective of the people of Iran during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Participants & Methods: Social support theory was used as a theoretical framework among the 42 persons over 18 years old who were heads of households. The data were collected through semi-structured interviews and analyzed using version 10 the MAXQDA software, Conventional Qualitative Content Analysis.
Findings: According to the participants, the family was recognized as the main source of emotional support. Informational support was reported through formal (e.g., media) and informal sources (e.g., friends and neighbors) and instrumental support from the two areas of relatives and the government, also feedback from others as appraisal support.
Conclusion: Social support is typically conceptualized and seen as a positive resource in crucial issues. The findings of this study can be used to develop plans to help society gain more support from the family, social services, and others.
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The impacts of Skyroom software-based online prenatal classes on the prevention of stress, anxiety, and depression of pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic


Aims: The covid-19 pandemic led to an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression among pregnant women and it was the cause of the cancellation of prenatal classes. This study aims to explore the impact of Skyroom software-based online prenatal classes on the prevention of the stress, anxiety, and depression of pregnant women in the context of Covid-19.

Materials & Methods: This is a randomized quasi-experimental intervention study (one-group pretest-posttest). The participants were 28 pregnant women at 16 to 20 weeks’ gestation with a low-risk pregnancy who were selected by simple random sampling. Six sessions of Skyroom software-based online prenatal classes were conducted for these women in the second trimester. The Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale 21 (DASS-21), a self-report scale, were used to measure anxiety, stress, and depression. Participants complete the questionnaire before the intervention and one month after the last session. The data were analysed by SPSS version 20 software.

Findings: The results showed that the average scores of depression (P<0.01) and stress (P=0.02) in pregnant women significantly decreased one month after the online prenatal class, but no significant change was observed in the average score of anxiety (P>0.05).
Conclusion: The Skyroom software-based online prenatal classes was successful in lowering pregnant women's levels of stress and depression. Although more study needs to concentrate on pregnant women’s mental health by providing a more diverse population, the results from this study clearly show the importance of online support for pregnant women during the covid-19.
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ROC analyses of Plasma oxydative stress markers for Prediction of CKD complications of type 2 Diabetes

Samir Derouiche, ahmed abid, elhabib tahraoui
Background and aims: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is one of the most important complications of diabetes. Many physiological and biochemical changes may cause these complications to appear. The objective of this study was to evaluate the variation oxidative stress for the diagnosis and  prediction of renal complication in type 2 diabetic patients.
Material & Methods: Sixty voluntary individuals were divided into two diabetic groups with and without CKD complication on which we assayed some biochemical and oxidative stress parameters. Sensitivity and Specificity of Oxidative stress biomarkers in serum were estimated using receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve design.
Findings: The results obtained in the present study clearly show that diabetes is confirmed by the hyperglycemia observed in all diabetic patients. The results obtained also show a significant increase (P <0.05) in the concentration of urea, creatinine, uric acid, potassium and serum albumin in diabetic patients with nephropathy compared to diabetics. On the other hand, it was shown that a significant increase (P <0.05) in the concentration of MDA, GSH and  total thiol in the serum of diabetic patients compared to diabetics with complications of CKD. ROC assay analysis showed that serum GSH and MDA are predictive markers with high specificity (100%) of nephrotic complications of diabetes.
Conclusions: The present study reveals that diabetes induces metabolic and physiological alterations and an imbalance of oxidant / antioxidant status which can cause nephrotic complications suggesting the use of GSH, MDA as predictive markers for this complication of the disease.
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Melanoides tuberculate as bioindicator of the Heavy Metal contamination in water and sediment pollution of Euphrates River at Thi-Qar province- Iraq

Sanaa Talib Jawad, Qasim Muhammad Al-Taher, Ahmed F. Shihab
The aim of this study was determination the diversity of  the aquatic Gastropoda species and assessment heavy metals  of  water, sediment, soft tissue and shell Melanoides tuberculata  in Euphrates River at Thi-Qar province in southern Iraq with evaluate to  some of physical and chemical factors for river. The study was done during Summer and Winter seasons and samples were collected from of three study sites along Euphrates River. The samples were analyzed using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy for detection of heavy metals. The results were revealed that Melanoides  tuberculate , Physella acuta , Pisidium dubium, Melanopsis nodosa  and Corbicula fluminea  were found in the studied station in both season with high percentage ratio (37.73, 20.27, 6.58, 8.42, 26.98%) in summer season. Sediment has the highest mean concentration more than water. The heavy metals order was arranged as Zn < NiMelanoides  tuberculate higher than shell and they were arranged as Pb < Zn < NiMelanoides  tuberculate could accumulate the heavy metals in their metals then it could use as a bio-indicater for these metal for detection  the pollution in Euphrates river.
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Studing of genotype of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) and late complications in the chemical victims Zardeh village in Kermanshah

Ph.D Ahmad Hamta, Hosna Fouladi Mansouri
Aims: Sulfur mustard (SM) is an alkylating agent which targets skin, eyes and respiratory systems. Also, an insertion/deletion polymorphism in the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) gene has been studied in relation to cardiovascular diseases and lung fibrosis. In pulmonary fibrosis, D-allele frequency is higher than in the control population. So, it is possible that the ACE genotype influence the late respiratory complications of mustard gas exposure. Methods: The blood samples of thirty-four people of Zardeh village in Kermanshah who were exposed to mustard gas as a case study and thirty people in Eslam Abad Gharb in Kermanshah as the control group, were taken. Further information about the existence of respiratory, skin and ocular delayed effect of exposure to the mustard gas, were collected by questionnaires. ACE genotype was determined using polymerase chain reaction amplification (PCR) and subsequent agarose gel electrophoresis. Results: Incidence of respiratory, skin and eye complications were 52.9%, 50% and 44.1% respectively. Genotype frequencies for the three genotypes DD, ID and II in case group of people with pulmonary complications 0.5, 0.44 and 0.06 , and in people without this complications 0.12, 0.69 and 0.19 and in the control group, 0.3, 0.53 and 0.17 respectively. It was found that the DD genotype in patients with respiratory symptoms were higher than those without complications ( =6.22, p=0.045). Conclusion: These results suggested that DD genotype of ACE was significantly involved in genetic susceptibility to late complication of mustard gas.
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Comparison body subcutaneous fat veterans spinal cord injured athlete in sports disciplines various

mahdi saberi, mina khodaei, ahmad ebrahimi etri, seyed ali akbar hshemi javaheri
Abstract: Introduction: Increase in body fat percentage is one of the most important risk factors for disease and nutritional burden, as an independent is factor increasing the risk of mortality. Today's sedentary society, it has been the cause of many diseases in the veterans spinal cord are also due to certain health problems. Purpose: The aim of the present study and Comparison body subcutaneous fat veterans spinal cord injured athlete in sports disciplines various. Methodology: Therefore, this study on 60 veterans in 48 veteran spinal cord injury spinal cord injury athletes(12 athletes Archery, 12 athletes wheelchairrany, 12 athletes swimming, 12 athletes , wheelchair basketball) Were veterans and 12 non-athletes. To determine the amount of fat under the skin in the spinal cord of two points (sum of triceps and scapular muscles) were measured by caliper. for data analysis, descriptive statistics were used to test the assumptions in the study of inferential statistical methods such as analysis of variance ANOVA, post hoc test was used Froony bin. Research findings: The amount of subcutaneous fat bodies in the field of sports ‌ (athletes Archery wheelchairrany-swimming, wheelchair -basketball-non-athletes) there are significant differences.(p <0/05). Conclusion: Given these results, it can be seen swimming and wheelchairrany disciplines and combines these disciplines can be more effective in reducing weight in people with spinal cord injury.
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3-D Fluid-structural interaction biomechanical simulation of viscoelastic brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid with ICP consideration

Mr Amir Rouhollahi,Dr Mohammad Haghpanahi,Dr Farhad Farmanzad
Central nervous system (CNS) is one of the most important compartments controls the whole body. Inside that, there are ventricles full of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) circulates all over the brain and spine areas. Incompressible fluid in interaction with approximately incompressible tissue in almost rigid volume called the skull makes this comparison remarkable. Slightly increase CSF volume or pressure inside the skull results in highly increase ICP pressure. In this article, the fluid-structural interaction between CSF and brain tissue is assumed in order to show the pressure and velocity distribution in different solution times. Having exported magnetic resonance images we used CATIA V5 software to make an initial 3D model, including wire frames of each slide. Then we put them together to assemble exact 3D model of the brain tissue and ventricles in it. After that we tried to simplify the geometry in order to be importable to FEA programs like ADINA. ANSYS design modeler and SOLIDWORKS were used to repair small edges and faces and make an appropriate geometry for analysis. Having completed the geometry, we imported that to ADINA software. We made boundary conditions just like the way they exist. Average inlet flow rate was equal to 500 ml per day. The outlet pressure was assumed to real ICP pressure rhythm. Finally, we compared our results to MRI studies and other simulations, which were done before.
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Review of therapeutic effect of trans cranial magnetic stimulation in psychological disorders

V. nejati

Human brain can be stimulated safely and non invasively by powerful magnetic field. This magnetic field causes a current in stimulated tissue, which stimulates the brain neurons. In psychological disorders, focal brain activity is observed in clinical syndromes. Application of trans-cranial magnetic stimulation as a therapeutic technique proposes to change the selective brain activities. Low frequency repetitive trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is a new method in evaluation and treatment of hyper excitability brain syndromes, which changes brain plasticity. In this review article, therapeutic effect of rTMS in some psychological disease such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder, epilepsy, obsessive compulsive disorder and schizophrenia is discussed.

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Examining the effects of ’bad’ and ‘good’ fitting conditions supracondylar PTB socket on interface pressure and comfort of unilateral transtibial amputees: Case Study

N. Tafti, M.R. Safari, Gh. Aminian, P. Rezasoltani

Background: Changes in the volume and shape of the stump causes difficulties in maintaining A comfortable and exact fit. Improper fit causes pain, discomfort and movement between stump and socket. There is not enough document to identify how much volume fluctuation causes fitting problem . To identify and understand the relationship between the changes of interface pressure between stump and socket with mentally feeling of amputees in "good" and "bad" fitting conditions.

Method and Material: The study was conducted on two below knee amputees. The method has 2similar stages, SCS was evaluated at both stages with the difference that one was done in bad and other in good fitting condition. To examine stump-socket interface pressure at each stage,static tests with applying half and full body weight to the artifical limb and walking tests were done.

Results: With volume reduction, it seems adding several sock layers to improve fitting condition (force couple correction)imposes high interface pressure to patellar tendon and fibular head which lowers amputees feeling of comfort. Without adding sock layers,stump movement to distal causes unbearable pressure to the distal of tibia.

Conclusion: In static tests, interface pressure increased in good fitting condition at patellar tendon and popliteal region. Walking tests in good fitting condition showed less movement between stump and socket and less improper pressure. Using too many layers of socks to improve fitting causes intolareable interface pressure at regions such as petellar tendon and fibular head.

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survey of relationship between abnormalities of the spine and spirometric indices of spinal cord injury veterans

M. Saberi, A. Ebrahimi atri, S.A. Hashemi Javaheri, M. Mosaferi Ziaaldini, M. khodaei

Background & Purpose:   In addition to any disability, especially spinal cord injury level of sensory and motor performance of shows, other serious complications in other parts of the body, leaving lasting. . One of these complications, the spine is deformed. Many of the deformation of the spine, opening the chest to reduce this mode reduces the vital capacity and respiratory disorders, negative effects on the cardiovascular system and ultimately cause a change in the amount of their lung capacity is. The objective of this study, survey of relationship is between abnormalities of the spine (Lordosis, Kyphosis, scoliosis) and spirometric parameters (FEV1/FVC, FVC, FEV1, FEF75, PEF).

Materials & Methods:For this purpose, the present study was performed on 60 cases of spinal cord injury veterans And spirometric indices including FEV1/FVC, FVC, FEV1, FEF75, PEF was assessed using spirometry. For data analysis descriptive statistics were used and the test of Pearson inferential statistics were used.

Results: Based on survey results, a relation between Lordosis, scoliosis Kyphosis and spirometric indices, the rate and Kyphosis and  Lordosis abnormalities was significant
(P<0.05). But there is no significant difference in the rate of scoliosis (P>0.05).

Conclusion: Due to the complications of spinal deformity and subsequent loss of lung volume in the injured spinal cord injury, for deformity correction protocols and a regular exercise program continued to increase indicators lung is recommended.

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Relation between perceived social support and health promotion behaviors in chemical veterans in Ilam province on 2012-13

R. Chenary, A. Noroozi, R. Noroozi

Background & Purpose: Chemical attacks in war can make short term and long term personal, family and social damages and limited social relationships of victims as compared to ordinary people. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between social support and health promoting behaviors in chemical veteran in Ilam province 2012-13.

Methods & Materials: This cross-sectional study was performed in the entire moderate and severs chemical veterans, who they were covered by the Department of Veterans and Martyrs of Ilam province. Information was collected by using standard questionnaires for health-promoting behavior and Multidimensional scale of perceived social support (family, friends, and important people). The reliability and validity of these instruments was desirable. Inclusion criteria were percentage of disability with moderate and sever levels and enough physical strength to answer questions, and exclusion criteria were also lack of cooperation and have no permanent residence in Ilam province. After data collection, all data were analyzed by SPSS statistical soft ware and Pearson correlation coefficient and linear regression.

Results: All of 239 veterans indicated that all of them were men with mean and standard deviation age 51.17± 8.87 years and there is a significant relation between all subscales of social support and health-promotion behavior subscales (p<0.05). Among the subscales of social support, friend support had the highest correlation with health-promoting behaviors (r= 0.391), and support from important people showed the lowest correlation (r= 0.367). The all regression models of health promotion behavior and its subscales were significant.

Conclusion: There is a relation between perceived social support especially friend support and health-promotion behaviors, therefore suggest that the friend as a resource support was used in design of educational programs.

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Frequency of Phantom Pain among patients with Spinal Cord Injury

Hadi Shojaei, Alireza Jafari, Shohre Valaei

Summary: Background: Patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) usually have permanent and often devastating neurologic deficits and disability and pain (1). According to the National Institutes of Health, "among neurological disorders, the cost to society of automotive SCI is exceeded only by the cost of mental retardation"(2). Neurogenic pain constitutes one of the enigmatic clinical syndromes faced by patients, clinicians, and researchers (3). Materials and Methods: Current observational descriptive cross-sectional survey is performed among 270 patients with spinal cord injuries including veterans and non-veteran disabled subjects in Tehran-City during 2005. Results: Mean age of the subjects was 37.8±12.2 years. 26.3% were female and 73.7% were male. 17.4% had spinal cord injury in cervical level, 41.5% thoracic, 38.1% lumbar, and 3% Quada Equina level. 76.3% had complete and 23.7% incomplete injuries. 19.3% had injury duration of less than 5 years, 11.9% between 5 to 10 years, and 68.9% upper than 10 years. Phantom pain below the lesion level was present in 89 patients (33%) that included 26% of veterans and 37% of non-veterans. There was a statistically significant association between age, marital status, and injury duration with having phantom pain (P< 0.05). Conclusion: it is concluded that frequency of phantom pain in current study is less than all of previous studies and our patients were totally resistant to analgesic treatments which may be due to physiopathologic basis of such pains in comparison with other pains due to spinal cord injuries.

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The relationship between basic need satisfaction and general healthof veteransofIsfahan’s AmiralmomeninHosptital

H. Salehi, A. Ghamarani, Z. Salehi

Background& Purpose: The onlyforcethat hastargetedhealth,physicalandmental. Satisfythebasicneedsrequiredto grow theconsistency,specificityandprovidepsychological well-being. The present study aims at analyzing the efficiency of basic need satisfaction in general in predicting the veterans’ general health at Isfahan’s AmiralmomeninHosptital.

Methods&Material:132 veterans were chosen randomly at AmiralmomeninHospital. They answered the questionnaires of the Basic Need Satisfaction (Basic Needs Satisfaction) and General Health (General Health Questioner ). In order to analyze the data, multivariate (step by step) regression analysis was used.

Result: The results indicated that satisfying the basic need satisfaction has correlation with the veterans’ general health (p<0.001) and also, the results indicated that among the psychological needs, satisfying the autonomy need and general health are predicted significantly (p<0.001).

Conclusion: To sum up, the results of the present study confirmed the efficiency of the basic needs satisfaction in predicting general health.

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Psychological- social consequences chemical bombardment of the Sardasht victims (a qualitative study)

B. Malkari, N. Karimian

Purpose: Aim of the present research is study of psychic and social consequences of chemical bombarding on the victims of Sardasht City by qualitative method. 

Material & Method: 15 men and 15 women of Sardasht City victims were selected as available sampling and they were interviewed in semi-structured manner. Method of qualitative research is interpretive. Results of the interviews were divided into several categories. 

Results: Results show that psychic and social consequences of chemical bombarding on the victims include complaints such as social complaints, psychic complaints, exhaustion problems, economical complaints, characteristic complaints, anger, no safety sensation, emotional interdependent, decrease of social interaction exist in victims. 

Conclusion: Results of the research demonstrate social and psychological problems have higher role in psychic- social consequences of chemical bombarding in ratio with other psychic- social consequences. Finally, we involved in limitations and providing several recommendations

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Validation of a Device for Registering Orthotic Wearing Time during the Laboratory Climate Tests on Normal Volunteers

N. Fallahian, F. Tabatabaei, M. Rahgozar , R. VahabKashani , M. Bahrami

Laboratory instrumentation of orthoses and prostheses can be used to objectively gain accurate information. In this study the measurement of orthosis wearing time during laboratory climate tests with normal volunteers were accomplished to determine the validity and reliability of the device for registering orthotic wearing time that was designed and fabricated in Iran. Orthosis wearing time is an important factor in orthotic treatment for spine disorders. A reliable and objective System for measuring orthosis wearing time currently is still lacking in Iran. After Developing such a device, our objective was to test the accuracy and validity of the device, Made in Iran which was designed to register spinal orthosis wearing time. The device had a force sensor mounted on a thoracolumbosacral orthosis pad to recorded orthosis wearing time. In an interval of 1 hour 5 Normal volunteers tested the device using a CASH orthosis. They donned the orthosis for a few minutes and doffed it meanwhile they recorded the time using a standard chronometer into the "Orthotic Wearing" form. After gaining the data one sample t-test was performed on all orthosis wearing-time intervals as recorded by the system and by the time tables filled by each of the 5 testers using a chronometer. The tests yielded 100 sensor trigger-events that is 50 times of orthotic wear (t=2.21, P=0.032). As indicated by the t-test analysis, the device for registering orthotic wearing time had accurately quantified the orthosis wearing-time intervals during the laboratory climate tests with normal volunteers.

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Investigating the Influence of training religious coping skillson resiliency, adaptability and stress management in veterans' spouses

S. Askaryan, M.J. Agheri , M.H. Hassan Zadeh

Background & Purpose: The purpose of this article is to study the effect of training religious coping skills on Resiliency and adaptability components and stress management in veterans' spouses.

Methods & Materials: This study is quasi-experimental. Statistical population included 70 veterans' spouses whose children were studying in Shahed primary school of Mashhad in district5, in 1392-1391education year. For sampling, Available method was used and all the testees were given Connor & Davidson Resilience Questionnaire and bar-on emotional intelligence Questionnaire for investigating two components.30 spouses, results who gained the lowest score in both tests, were selected after the Survey. The testees were divided to two Equal experiment and control groups, through random assignment. Then experiment group was provided religious coping skills training with the Islamic approach in10 sessions. Finally, a post-test was taken from both groups.

Results: The data analysis was performed, for obtaining covariance and Pearson correlation test. Results show a meaningful measure of 0.01 and variables showed direct relationship to the testing component in Pearson correlation test therefore it can be concluded that training of religious coping skills may be useful for veterans' spouses on their resiliency, adaptability.

Conclusion: On the basis of the results of this study, It is concluded that training spouses of veterans, religious coping skills can be effective in Improving their level of mental health and empowering them to deal with their problems.

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Localization of Hemoxigenase in the epithelium of human air way wall induced by sulfur mustard

M.R. nourani, L. Mirbagheri, M. Habibi Rodkenar, M. Ebrahimi, S. Yazdani, A.A. Imani Fouladi

Introduction: Sulfur mustard (SM) as an effective chemical agent was used recently in the Iraq war against Iran. Currently more than 40,000 chemical casualty of war left with lung lesions caused by mustard gas.

This combination induce the production of oxygen free radicals are molecules that activate inflammatory processes. Heme Oxigenase is one of the important proteins that decrease the harmful effects of free radicals and involved in many cellular functions such as oxidant/antioxidant system balance in respiratory system.

Methods: 12 biopsy samples of the airway wall (8 chemical samples and 4 control samples) obtain by bronchoscopy. After fixation in Parafrmaldehyd 4%, 20 microns slices were prepared by Cryostat. The expression of HO1, a polymorphism of HO, by immunohistochemistry method in samples of veterans and control groups analysed and were compared.

Results: SM exposed samples were immunonegative for HO1 antibodies in compare to unexposed patients, while Normal ones expressed in high intensity in epithelium as a basal expression.

Conclusion: These findings indicate that this molecule play an important role in protecting cells against oxidative stress, including the poisoning of SM. So it concluded that the absence of this protective factor may be cause for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and continuity of problem.

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Energy Storing and -Revealing Prosthetic Feet A Review Study

N. Fereshtenejhad , F. Pol , T. Tahmasebi, A. Ebrahimi

Aims: Since 1990 a new generation of prosthetic feet as "energy storing" in order to improve the performance and mobility of amputees entered to the markets. The aim of this study was to expansion and explanation of the concept of energy and terms relating to energy transfer as well as an overview of energy storing and returning measurement of prosthetic. 

Information & Methods: In this review study, a systematic search of electronic databases, Google Scholar and PubMed was done and papers published from 1950 to 2013 were studied. Key words used were included various combinations of energy analysis, ESAR prosthetic feet and their synonym terms.

Findings: The results obtained from articles classified and examined in the three domains of concepts of energy and energy-related terms, methods of energy analysis in the prosthetic feet and functional classifications and naming of the feet enable to energy storing.

Conclusion: Analysis of the structure and components of prosthesis make it possible to understand how it works. One of the major issues in the analysis of energy transfer of prosthesis is the proper amount of absorption and energy release and the effect of it on amputee. Optimal performance and health of amputee is effective in designing these kinds of prosthesis.

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Quality of life in fibromyalgia syndrome referred to clinic of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Baqiyatallah Hospital, Tehran

E. khatibi aghda , M.T. Hollisaz, M. Asheghan, A. Shamseddini, V. Sobhani, S. Labbaf

Background & Purpose: Fibromyalgia syndrome is a chronic disease with unknown etiology musculoskeletal pain and tender points throughout the body are numerous. The aim of this study was to measure quality of life in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome that referred to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation clinic in Baqiyatallah Hospital.

Methods & Materials: Patients that referred to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic by a trained physician were asked about diffuse chronic pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, age, body mass index, level of education and number of children. To assess quality of life, 36-SF questionnaire was used. Also to assess pain, Visual Analog Scale (VAS) was used. The same physician did a thorough physical examination with special attention to the tender points in order to diagnose fibromyalgia according to the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) criteria.

Results: In the study of 59 patients referred to the Baqiyatallah hospital, the findings showed that there was statistically significant relationship between quality of life and pain (p=0.002), age (p=0.01), body mass index (p=0.04) and morning stiffness (p=0.001). However, there is no statistically significant relationship between level of education and quality of life (p=0.09). Also, according to the finding, all quality of life components, especially the physical components, is affected by Fibromyalgia syndrome.

Conclusion: According to the study findings, the quality of life of fibromyalgia patients affected by multiple factors such as diffuse chronic pain, body mass index, age, morning stiffness.

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Effectiveness of Emotional Schema Therapy on Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies of Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Veterans

Y. Naderi , A.R. Moradi , J. Hasani , S. Noohi

Introduction: This study aims to examine the effectiveness of Emotional Schema Therapy on The Emotional Schema & Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies of patients suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Method: 6 patients from the clients of psychiatric clinic of Baqiyatallah hospital, were selected through available sampling, matched together and then divided into 3 groups (Emotional Schema Therapy combined with Medications, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy combined with Medications & Medications) Patients were examined 5 & 3 times by Leahy Emotional Schema Scale (LESS) and the Short Form of Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (CERQ-18) and The Persian versions of the Impact of Event Scale-Revise (IES-R). To analyze the data, indexes of effect size, cohen’s d, process changes, slope and interpretation of ups & downs in charts were employed.

Result:  After treatment, scores of patients who Emotional Schema Therapy received showed decrease in Negative Emotional Schema(Rumination, guilt, uncontrollability) & Maladaptive Cognitive Emotion Regulation strategies (Self-blaming, Rumination, Catastrophizing) additionally, in some Adaptive Cognitive Emotion Regulation strategies (Positive refocusing, Refocusing on planning, Positive Reappraisal)and Adaptive Emotional Schema (higher values, acceptance, consensus, Comprehensibility) an increase was observed.

Conclusion: Emotional Schema Therapy via targeting directly mechanisms of pathological Emotional Schemas & Maladaptive Cognitive Emotion Regulation strategies. can be appropriate choice for treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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The Comparison of the quality of life of the war veterans families with/without Post traumatic Stress Disorder

M. najafy, M.A. mohammadyfar, S. dabiri, N. erfani, A.A. Kamary

Introduction: The aim of current study was comparison of the quality of life of the war veteran’s families with/without PTSD.

Method: In this purpose 300 war veterans' families were selected by clustering random sampling in Hamedan province. The measures of this research were quality of life questionnaire 28 items and demographic inventory.

Results: The results of independent samples t-test have shown the war veterans with PTSD reported lower scores on Physical Function, Bodily Pain, General Health, Vitality, Social Functioning, and mental health in comparison of the war veterans without PTSD. The spouses of the war veterans with PTSD also have reported lower quality of life in all subscales in comparison of the spouses of war veterans without PTSD. The children of the war veterans with PTSD have reported lower scores only on general health in comparison of the children of the war veterans without PTSD.

Conclusion: In respect to results, it appears that consideration of family's health in war veterans' families is necessary with special attention to war veterans with PTSD. However, planning, and instructional, therapeutic policies can be useful

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Viewpoints of Veterans Affected by Psychological Disorders towards usage of telemental services for War Veterans

M. Ahmadi, K. Bahaadinbeigy, T. noori

Background & Purpose: The use of telemedicine in military capabilities, access to specialized medical services, resulting in a continuing care for veterans is possible. This study aimed to investigate psychological warfare point of using mental health systems has been done remotely for war veterans.

Methods & Materials: This cross - sectional study was conducted in 2013 A questionnaire was designed and standardized by receiving comments from telemedicine experts and psychiatrist. The researcher personally visited respondents, thus 100% data were collected. Data analysis using 17.0 SPSS software and descriptive statistics were performed.

Results: Veterans on the effectiveness and necessity of mental health service use remote stressed. And concerns about access to a computer, provided the drug, the need for further training and active involvement of families.

Conclusion: It is clear that the Telemental health is practical solutions to meet the mental health needs of veterans. .In the discussion, such as user training requirements, reliability, confidentiality and other legal policies should be considered. Experiences of other countries indicate the success of this type of service needs assessment, feasibility and planning is correct.

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The effect of lateral wedge insole with and without subtalar strap on vertical component of ground reaction force in knee osteoarthritis

E. Esfandiari, M. Kamyab, H. Yazdi, N. Foroughi, F. Navab Motlagh

Objective: The effects of lateral wedge insoles with and without subtalar strap on vertical component of ground reaction force were compared. Methods: Twenty five patients aged over 40 years with grades I or II of medial compartment knee osteoarthritis based on Kellgrene and Lawrence grading system were participated in this study. They were tested in 3 conditions while walking in a 3-meter walkway: bare foot, lateral wedge insole and lateral wedge insole with subtalar strap. Three successful trials were recorded in each condition. Gait analysis was performed to compare the immediate effect of lateral wedge insole with and without subtalar strap on vertical component of ground reaction force.

Results: There was significant effect of lateral wedge insole with subtalar strap on second peak of vertical ground reaction force related to lateral wedge insole and without insole conditions. But no significant effect of lateral wedge insole with and without subtalar strap was found on first peak of vertical ground reaction force and walking speed.

Conclusion: The results of this study suggest that lateral wedge insole can reduce second peak of vertical ground reaction force. Also it was understood lateral wedge insole with subtalar strap might be more efficacious than lateral wedge insole in mild knee osteoarthritis patients.

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Fertility and sexual function after spinal cord injury

M. Soroush , E. Modirian , H. Zamani , S. Attari

Following damage to spinal cord, sexual function and fertility of the survivors would greatly be affected and using assistive reproductive therapies would be inevitable. During a 2-year program, 1429 SCI survivors of Iran-Iraq War were thoroughly examined by urologists. Patients' demographic characteristics and information relevant to sexual and fertility status as date of marriage, number of children and use of assistive reproductive therapies, were recorded. The mean age of the survivors was 37.9±8.5 y/o and the mean period after injury was 14.6±2.9 years. 87.4% of the subjects suffered from paraplegia and 98.4% of them were men. Sexual dysfunction reported in 69.9% of the subjects while fertility problems observed in 58.5%. 23.7% of the cases had no child and 30.4% had a single one. Success rate following IUI, IVF and were 21.9%, 24.1% and 20% respectively. Statistical analysis revealed no relation between level of spinal cord injury and fertility. Relatively high success rate after assistive reproductive therapies would maintain the hope of bearing a child after Spinal Cord Injury.

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Comparative of Mental Health Disabled People of Athletic and Non-Athletic

H. Bakhshayesh, F. Bahmani, M. Kamali

Background: In the field of exercise and mental health was already on the perception that sport is beneficial for physical health. Today physical exercise can also be effective in promoting mental health.

Purpose: The main purpose of this study was to compare mental health of athletic and non-athletic disabled people in Arak city.

Materials and Method: A descriptive-analytical study and cross method, was done to evaluate the mental. Disabled man in the entire city was considered as a population study. Samples were selected randomly into two groups with 120 athletes (60) and non-athletes (60). Mental health of participants was assessed by GHQ-28. Descriptive statistics and ANOVA test and Tukey post hoc test was used for data analysis.

Results: Findings of study showed significant differences between mental health of athletic and non-athletic disabled people. Disabled people that participant in physical activity were in better mental health situation than the non-athletic disabled people.

Conclusion: According to sport effective role on mental health of people, especially disabled people recommend responsible organizations for making the bed than the rest of the act.

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Correlation between mindfulness and executive functions in blinds veterans

V. Nejati

  Background and Aim : Mindfulness is ability of self regulating attention and direct it for task. The purpose of present study is evaluation of correlation between mindfulness and executive function in blind veterans.

  Materials & Methods : we evaluate 93 blind veterans with Dys executive function and mindfulness questionnaire. Pearson Correlation Test was used to evaluation.

  Results : findings show significant correlation between mindfulness and executive function specially inhibition and memory (P<0.01) and arousal (P<0.01) subscale. No correlation found in intentionality and hyperactivity subscale (P>0.05).

  Conclusion : Cause of correlation between mindfulness and inhibition, arousal and memory is common structural and functional overlap. Mindfulness can be used as a proper predictor of this subscale of executive functions.

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Quality of services provided to veterans referred to a branch of the armed forces in Hamadan

M.K. Bahadori, R. Zaboli, A. Ghanbari

Background & Purpose: The services quality problems arise in organizations that do not pay attention to understanding of the customer needs and don’t try to meet them. This goal of this study was to Survey of services quality provided in branch of the armed forces in Hamadan from viewpoint of veterans using by SERVQUAL method in 2013.

Methods & Materials: This study was descriptive and analytical Study. Sample size included 100 people. Standard SERVQUAL questionnaire with 26 questions were conducted to collect data. The veterans answered the questions in exceptions section about of ideal or optimal situation and about current situation in perception section and based on these results, the gap quality were determined. Data was analyzed by using SPSS 16.0 software and descriptive and analytical statistical including frequency tables and standard deviation.

Results: Based on result, exceptions related staffs in whole dimensions were upward on current situation. The highest mean of scores in expectation sector was related to the assurance of services warrantee (3.93 ±1.02) and the lowest mean of scores was related of empathy (3.63± 1.05).

Conclusion: Services organizations including of insurance branch must make effort to understand the needs and demands of customers fully. Sometimes these organizations recognize what is important for customers by themselves. Inappropriate diagnosis of needs caused of customer dissatisfaction and increases of distance between real and ideal satisfaction. Using servqual model and quality assessment from viewpoint of customer, with proper planning will be improving quality of services.

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