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Iran J War Public Health 2022, 14(2): 133-138 Back to browse issues page
The Risk Factors in Serum of Peripheral Neuropathy Diabetic and Type 2 Diabetes Patients
S.K. Abdulhussein1, F.F.M. Al-Kazazz1, A.M. Rheima *2
1- Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq
2- Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq , arahema@uowasit.edu.iq
Abstract:   (399 Views)
Aims: The study's purpose was to evaluate the serious risk factor for the neuropathy disease in patients with diabetes
Material & Methods: This research was done on 120 subjects classified into 40 with DPN T2DM and 40 with T2DM and 40 healthy considered as a control. As the conditions of the Iraqi Ministry of Health to evaluate the thesis clinically, that the number of samples examined should be at least 120 samples. The collection period was from 1 October 2021 to 1 December 2021. All patients and control groups were collected from medical City Al-Imamian, Al-Kadhmiyain-Baghdad-Iraq. Regression analysis was used to investigate potential risky factorize lead for the DPN in T2DM patients.
Findings: The spread of DPN in Type 2 diabetic patients was 50% of the multiple logistic transformations revealed in diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The mean value of Duration was significant (p<0.05) for DPN compared with T2DM. The mean value of fasting glucose, HbA1c, and hypertension, for DPN participants, were significantly higher than in T2DM and control groups (p=0.0001). The analysis of variance for vitamin B12 and vitamin D was significant (p=0.0001) for DPN it was lower than for T2DM and control. The mean value of lipid profile was non-significant (p>0.05) between the three groups.
Conclusion: Diabetic peripheral neuropathy had a high risk of a decrease in their vitamin B12 and vitamin D levels. On another hand, patients with T2DM should follow up on their vitamin levels periodically.
Keywords: Diabetic peripheral neuropathy [MeSH], Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 [MeSH], Vitamin B 12 [MeSH], Vitamin D [MeSH], Lipid [MeSH]
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Article Type: Original Research | Subject: Diagnosis and Treatment of Veterans or Handicapped Diseases
Received: 2021/12/11 | Accepted: 2022/04/14 | Published: 2022/04/30
* Corresponding Author Address: Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq
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Abdulhussein S, Al-Kazazz F, Rheima A. The Risk Factors in Serum of Peripheral Neuropathy Diabetic and Type 2 Diabetes Patients. Iran J War Public Health. 2022; 14 (2) :133-138
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